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Versara is a results driven provider of short term loans for commercial purposes. As a privately funded company with our own resources, we are not dependent on other lenders, hedge funds, or private equity partners to fund deals, so our processes are fast. A critical advantage when funding is required within days not weeks.

Results Driven - Transparent Lending

At Versara we insist on a best practice lending code of conduct. The heart of our business is integrity and a commitment to building long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. When you choose Versara you'll enjoy our refreshing, transparent approach which is designed to help you find a short-term loan, not waste your time.

As with many financial services markets, the short term, caveat loan market is often difficult to navigate, with lenders making unrealistic promises in advertisements that are rarely secured by the borrower. Instead, borrowers are charged large upfront fees even when the loan application has been spontaneously refused.

We’re committed to providing vital short-term loans that are ethical, responsible, solutions focused and delivered with a minimum of fuss. No red tape. No bad loan book. No reliance on vanilla finance models and certainly no empty promises.

You will always know where you stand with Versara.

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